Return On Investment

Looking at the bottom line:

A1dlp protects one of the most valuable item in an organization: The “Data”.

Most malware, cyber adversaries and malicious insiders are trying to gather various forms of intelligence including business plans, military secrets, negotiation strategies and trade secrets from your organization. Due to its generic design, A1DLP protects data regardless of the Avenue of Attack including: 0Day, malicious insiders, malware and lost/stolen computers. Another result of its generic design is that A1DLP increases ROI by eliminating the need of security products that prevent individual Avenues of Attack to keep data safe.

Most cyber security products such as Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Intrusion Detection Systems try to protect organizations by stopping individual Avenues of Attack, including 0Day exploits and Malware. Since humans are better than machines at detection patterns, Network Security Teams spend many human hours “looking for” attacks, and responding to automated alerts. A1DLP’s algorithmic approach to prevention rather than detection does not require constant supervision by network security teams, thereby freeing up the teams to do more productive tasks and reducing Total Cost of Ownership.

High-security organizations today process sensitive data only on air-gapped networks that are disconnected from the internet. This air-gap approach is very expensive in terms of both hardware and infrastructure costs as well as maintenance and deployment costs. A1DLP can increase ROI by eliminating the need to air-gapped networks that process sensitive data, because it already assumes that the User, Device and Network are compromised.

A1DLP is virtually transparent to the user and does not require much end user training. In addition, A1DLP does not require replacing hardware, as it runs on most hardware with CPU-supported virtualization extensions, which is roughly after 2005.


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