Today’s data security issues:


Major Data Breaches are in the news nearly every week and are very expensive to an organization from legal, financial, customer trust, and brand points of view. The asymmetric playing field allows attackers to exfiltrate large amounts of data from organizations in an automated manner by attacking the “weakest link” in an organization, while the organization has to protect all attack surfaces. The current generation of advanced malware and exploits infiltrate into organizations’ networks and stay undetected for days/months/years, collecting intelligence on their targets and exfiltrating data. In addition, the trustworthiness of a User, Device and Network is not provable or quantifiable. Current security products fail because they assume trust in the User, Host and Network.

A common trend in the DLP and antivirus industry is to attempt to detect, classify or analyze data and behaviors. This trend is destined to fail because it does not consider that attackers are innovative and adaptive and are constantly changing their Tools, Tactics and Techniques to evade security products’ behavioral analysis and heuristic techniques. Therefore current products are vulnerable to anomalous attack patterns and behaviors.

Today’s DLP solutions are vulnerable to technical malicious insiders aiming to steal data using techniques such as kernel level malware and access to memory where sensitive information resides. Up until now, there has been no product in the market that will give IT Administrators hardware-enforced control over WHO opens WHAT data, WHERE and WHEN.

Is your cloud trustworthy?

Your valuable data residing in the cloud may be encrypted in transmission between “you and your cloud provider”, but how do you manage encryption on the files at rest? Clouds can be breached and cloud providers might not be fully trusted.

Stay ahead of the threat with proactive hardware-enforced security.

See our “Advantages” page to understand how our A1DLP product is different from other products in the market.




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