Why choose our A1DLP product?

A1DLP installs on organization’s Servers and authorized Endpoint device(s), and protects data under the assumption of untrustworthy Malicious Insiders (Users), Infected/Lost/Stolen Devices and the presence of Adversaries in the Network Stealing Traffic. No other DLP product in the market today can make these practical assumptions. Any product that makes the unverifiable assumption of trustworthy users, devices and networks risks failure if this assumption is false.

For the Organizations:

Regardless of the application and file format (jpeg, pdf, xlsx, mpeg), A1DLP can protect it, because A1DLP is backward compatible with unmodified legacy applications. Imagine a closed-source legacy application used by your organization, built years ago, by a vendor that no longer supports the application. A1DLP can protect data of such an application without requiring any modifications to the application. In an environment where upgrading applications is costly both in terms of time and money, A1DLP fits seamlessly into your organization’s IT strategy.

Since attackers are modifying their behaviors and tools, DLP products that are detecting behavior, classifying data or doing other heuristics are destined to fail, because they are trying to detect behavior and tools that by definition would be modified by a competent attacker on every attack campaign. For this reason, A1DLP is strictly algorithmic rather than heuristic and is not vulnerable to novel and anomalous data formats, attacker behavior or attack tools.

Regardless of the size of your organization, our endpoint security product provides peace of mind that your organization’s sensitive data (Classified -at all levels, Propriety, Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Financial Data, Correspondences, Audio etc.) can be stored, shared via USB, handled and emailed as is common practice in many enterprise environments today. A1DLP offers large savings to your organization while still maintaining data protection.

For the IT Administrators:

IT administrators can now control the WWW:

  • WHO can open the data
  • WHAT data is authorized for that recipient
  • WHICH specific device(s) the data can be opened by that authorized recipient.


Don’t Fully Trust Your Cloud Provider? A1DLP Can Help.

Your valuable data residing in the cloud may be encrypted in transmission between “you and your cloud provider”, but how do you manage encryption on the files at rest? Clouds can be breached and cloud providers might not be fully trusted. Files can be seamlessly protected by A1DLP, stored in the cloud, and used just as easily as they are used today.

The ability to control these factors in the usage of Data has large applications in DRM (Digital Rights Management) and NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) between customers, partners and other business relationships.

See our “Technology” page for a closer look on how your data can be protected at all times with our A1DLP product.


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