Applicable Industry Verticals

Use Cases:

A1DLP protects data at organization’s Server level and at user Endpoint Device level. It has the ability to enforce DRM (Digital Rights Management) and NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) between customers, partners and other business relationships.

  • Energy production and distribution information
  • Disaster Contingency Plans
  • Customer Information
  • Payment Information
  • Client Investment Information
  • Account Information
  • “Classified” data at all levels
  • Military Strategies and Plans
  • Citizen Data
  • Intelligence Information
  • Patient Records
  • HIPAA related information
  • Field Reporting Data
  • Life threatening risk to reporters for possessing the news
  • Data breach at the news agency's servers
  • Design Blueprints
  • Supply Chain Information
  • Manufacturing Process Trade Secrets
  • Customer Data
  • Supply Chain Information
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